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Depth of Cover Analysis in Elizabeth River, New Jersey

DoC Mapping completed a depth of cover analysis on 2 electrical conduits from levee to waterline on each bank of the Elizabeth River in New Jersey. DoC Mapping utilized their robust Land Sensor Suite for this project. This equipment suite can also be mounted to various all-terrain vehicles in order to collect data for hundreds of miles through pipeline and utiliy Right-of-Ways!
Sample Data

Timelapse of Buried Fiber Optic Line Survey

Ride along with us for a 20 minute DoC Mapping survey of a buried fiber optic line at 16x normal speed! Then view the data collected during this survey. Turn-around times on our collected data is the fastest in the business.

Depth of Cover Analysis, North Carolina Pipelines

DoC Mapping performed a depth of cover analysis on multiple pipelines where they cross 3 different rivers in North Carolina. Due to shallower rivers with many obstructions, DoC Mapping utilized their hand launchable collection of customized vessels to obtain the required data.

We’re in Vancouver / Calgary Feb.9-13, 2015 – Meet with us!

We will be in the areas of Vancouver and Calgary February 9-13, strategizing with various clients on their required 2015 work. Please contact us ahead of time if you would like to schedule a meet & greet to discuss our services.

We’re Attending the 27th Int’l Pipeline Pigging & Integrity Management Conference

The 27th International Pipeline Pigging & Integrity Management ConferenceMarriott Westchase Hotel • Houston, Texas • February 9-12, 2015 Look for the large DoC Mapping tradeshow banners (below) at booth #302
Industry News

“Montana Oil Spill Investigation Focused on River Crossing” (NGI’s Shale Daily)
Industry News

“Exxon Fined $1 Million for 2011 Montana Oil Spill” (The Spokesman-Review)

Depth of Cover Analysis in Trenton Channel, Michigan

DoC Mapping performed a depth of cover analysis for a section of the Trenton Channel near Detroit. Numerous lines were reported on in an area where physical shore access to these lines was not possible.

Depth of Cover, Topographic & Bathymetric Analysis on St. Clair River, Michigan

On the Michigan / Canadian border, DoC Mapping completed a full-range topographic, bathymetric and depth of cover analysis on lines that cross the St. Clair River near Marysville, MI. Two lines and one line bundle were reported on in an area where swift currents and busy shipping channels are present.

Depth of Cover Analysis for Pipeline Crossings, New York

DoC Mapping completed a depth of cover analysis on four pipeline river crossing sites in Upstate New York.

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