No matter the utility, we use industry-leading technology to produce the verifiable, repeatable data results you need. Preview what we can do for you with our sample datasets below!
Our Focus

Providing the BEST in Data Accuracy and Quality

DoC Mapping is at the cutting edge of pipe and cable locating technology. Its founding team members have come together to combine their unique skillsets and provide an illustrative depth of cover and mapping representation of underground pipelines and electrical cables.

Cutting Edge Technology

We specialize in utilizing advanced technology to deliver impeccable results. Our EM modeling is an example of a unique tool we skillfully apply for our cilents’ benefit.

Right Tools for the Right Job

One size doesn’t fit all, and we know that technology - new or old - isn’t the dictator of quality. That is why we selectively analyze each project to determine what tools will deliver the best results.

Illustrative and Accurate Results

Clarity is everything, and our data packages exemplify this quality in their accuracy, verifiability, and outstanding presentation.

We Choose Reporting Mediums That Work

From satellite imagery and concise profile plot sheets, to 3D-model representations of the studied cables and pipelines in their environments, our aim is to provide an “outside of the box” approach to mapping deliverables. As a result of extensive experience in the business, we have time and again exceeded the needs of our customers.

Sample Datasets

View our selection of studies to see what DoC Mapping can do for you.

Depth of Cover Study

Plan/Profile with Side Scan Sonar detail.
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Depth of Cover Study

Plan/Profile, Multibeam Overview and Multibeam Detail.
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Depth of Cover Study

Plan/Profile of 30" Pipeline.
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Mississippi River Crossing

Profile, Multibeam in detail, and ILI Comparison Profile.
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Depth of Cover Study

Plan/Profile, Multibeam Overview, and Multibeam with Side Scan Sonar Detail.
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