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Offshore Geophysical Surveys

Offshore Geophysical Surveys

Building upon our years of survey experience, DoC Mapping now provides Offshore Geophysical Surveys. In early August of 2021, we mobilized our first vessel to offer comprehensive Geophysical Survey Services to our clients. On August 29th, 2021, the Louisiana Gulf Coast fell victim to Hurricane Ida which made landfall at Port Fourchon, LA causing extensive damage to the offshore oil and gas industry’s infrastructure. DoC Mapping was positioned and ready to assist our clients in mitigating their safety and environmental concerns following this major weather event.

In almost 3 years, we have performed 49 offshore Geophysical Survey projects totaling over 8,100 nautical miles of data collection for 18 clients across the Gulf of Mexico. In addition to assisting the industry following Hurricane Ida, we have provided surveys in support of our client’s Archaeological and Hazard survey needs. These surveys assist in attaining government permits for decommissioning as well as pipeline installation activities and are performed with total adherence to issued Notice to Lessees (NTL’s) requirements. Our survey activities have also supported the government sector through the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Artificial Reef program.  Our team includes a Qualified Marine Archaeologist, Geophysicist, GIS/CAD technician and field operations personnel.

Map of Gulf of Mexico showing DoC Mapping surveys completed (red)
DoC Mapping surveyors deploying Side Scan Sonar on R/V Sea Scout

We will continue to build our services in providing “life of field” Offshore Geophysical Services to the Oil & Gas, Wind, and Government Sectors. Our ongoing objective is to always be in alignment with our clients by providing services in a safe and cost-effective manner that always protects the environment.

DoC Mapping offers the following Geophysical Surveys:

  • Offshore – Oil and Gas
    • Archaeological Assessments
    • Post Hurricane Asset Investigation
    • Side Scan Sonar Clearances
    • Proposed Pipeline Routes
    • Proposed Well Locations
    • Pipeline Depth of Cover
    • Platform Tow Routes
  • Offshore- Government Agencies
    • Artificial Reef Sites
    • Sediment Resource Areas
    • Bathymetry Mapping
  • Offshore- Wind
    • Proposed Cable Routes
    • Post Cable Installation
    • Cable Depth of Cover
    • Bathymetry Mapping

Contacts for your next survey:

Contacts for your next survey:

Eric Fischer

Geophysical Manager


Tim Boyer

Offshore Sales Manager


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