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We are your Depth of Cover Specialists

Through ingenuity, efficiency and a dedication to exceptional service, DoC Mapping aims to be a world-class organization.

We are depth-of-cover specialists, and we know it takes a combination of experienced professionals and the right tools to get the job done. By delivering innovative operational solutions that are time-efficient and cost-effective, we make the most of every available resource for our clients.

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Depth of Cover Surveys

We provide Depth of Cover Surveys for locations where pipelines or other utilities cross waterways.

Tracking & Locating

We provide pipe or utility tracking across large areas using survey grade locating, sonar and GPS systems with real-time corrections.

Right of Way Surveys

We provide pipeline and utility right-of-way (ROW) surveys to verify location and condition of the utility within the right-of-way.

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Review up-close, in-depth, and detailed examinations of some DoC Mapping case studies within a real-world context.

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Our Partner Ecosystem

DoC Mapping’s partner ecosystem is a distributed network of industry leaders who bring together superior competence in their respective fields along with commitment to delivering results for our joint customers.
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