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Depth of Cover Surveys

Depth-of-Cover Surveys Protect Your Pipelines

DoC Mapping uses new technologies and years of industry knowledge to effectively implement depth-of-cover surveys for locations where pipelines or other utilities cross waterways. We use survey grade locating, sonar and GPS systems with real time correction, and our surveys typically include the following:
Precision electronic locating / modeling of the pipeline or utility at predetermined intervals across the waterway, resulting in:
  • Depth of Cover
  • Precise XYZ coordinates for the top-of-pipe location
Bathymetric survey of the waterway for predetermined distance up and down stream from the target pipeline or utility including:
  • Single or multi-beam bathymetric survey resulting in a georeferenced model of the riverbed or bottom
  • Side scan sonar used to determine if debris is present or to measure pipeline exposure
Precision land locating and topo points at pre-determined intervals
  • Waterline
  • High water mark
  • Banks and levees
Photo documentation of site conditions and survey details

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